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Episode #2: New Trends in the HVAC Industry with Matt Short

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

The HVAC industry has an opportunity to serve as a catalyst to building owners and designers, encouraging the achievement of sustainability goals. The Internet of Things is growing, enabling the systems and appliances we use most to communicate with us in new ways. HVAC trends are beginning to incorporate these capabilities. ASHRAE will play a key role in accelerating the use of innovative technologies.

With over 23 years of experience, Matt Short shares some of the emerging developments in the HVAC industry as green building has evolved to drive commercial building energy reductions.

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Guest Bio

As the founder and principal of Acts 29 Consulting, an MEP

Consulting Engineering firm focused in collaborative design, Matt has

the responsibility for project management, design, marketing, business

development and QA/QC implementation of all work. Matt has over 23 years of

experience overseeing all aspects of MEP services.

Mr. Short has designed and managed numerous MEP projects in commercial

facilities nationwide from pre-design through construction administration

phase. He not only leads all design efforts but does so with hands on

experience in construction management through his ability to evaluate and

resolve solutions real-time and in the field. He has developed and

maintained client relationships.

Other responsibilities include performing

due diligence surveys for existing facilities, life cycle cost analysis, energy

modeling, LEED design implementation, quality control reviews, specification

writing and collaborative design and construction standardization.

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