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Episode #8: Connecting Workplaces to Drive Real Estate Value

Today, the needs of the workforce have become more important than the needs of the organization. After all, having a happy and satisfied workforce leads to a thriving and successful company. There’s so much change happening in today’s workplace—rapidly evolving expectations of modern workers, the workspace becoming a competitive differentiator, and the rise of workplace tech. In recent years, integrating computing technology into buildings has become a hot space for venture capital investment. Which is why, importance of better workplace risen because there are big dollars at stake.

Comfy is on a mission to create amazing workplace experiences for everyone—from the people who operate the building to the people who fill it. They aim to create a dynamic and meaningful end-user experience for each and everyone through their Comfy App.

In this episode of 3P Theory, we are joined by Ian Prunty, Sales Director at Comfy. One feature of Comfy is that it allows users to interact with the building control and personalize the temperature that they are feeling in their workspace. Isn’t that comfy? Listen and learn more about Comfy and how it creates real relationships between people and workplaces. Ian provides examples of how Comfy helped their clients experience a better way to work. Consider this episode a pitch on how Comfy might be a good partner for you and your business!

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