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Episode #21: Making Sense of Water with Matt Hall (Hines, Inc.)

In episode #21 of 3P Theory, we chat with Matt Hall, Texas Principal at Hines Inc, on best practices for water efficiency and, by extension, possible opportunities for commercial buildings. While we've always focused on the performance-building capabilities of energy, the topic of water conservation is also important in maximizing the potential for existing buildings and defining construction limitations from a design standpoint. Even in Texas, specifically, where water rates are relatively cheap compared to other parts of the country, rising costs will inevitably lead to new challenges.

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“Water is expensive, time is precious, and cash is limited.”

On average, 50-60% of municipal water is being used for landscape irrigation purposes, and it is observed that is a staggering trend of overwatering in Texas alone. Due to this, governments will predictably increase prices on this vital resource. In order to effectively promote water conservation, it is important to use the vernacular of project developers and owners: Simply, illustrate how reducing usage increases the property value. Matt notes that for every dollar of water saved per year on irrigation systems, average property values (Matt gives the example of multifamily units) will increase by $15 to $20.

In order to capture and make sense of the data once such policies and other measures are put in place for an existing site, Matt suggests looking at the internet-connected water meters and retrofit this at the point of connection for the irrigation system. This will communicate water usage information to the cloud, which can then be exported into data-friendly formats. This is one basic method of getting site information without having to spend on making changes to the irrigation structure. But if a company does decide to design or implement a new system, the key is to make it as easy as possible for the end user to utilize it.

Matt is a landscape industry professional with experience in engineering consulting and technical sales. Skilled in project management, new business development, market analysis, sales strategy, cultivating customer relationships and providing internal/external training. Highly focused and motivated, dedicated to stewarding skills and resources to achieve success personally and professionally.




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