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Episode #20: You Are What You Breathe: Improved Indoor Air Quality

Are you aware of the benefits of bipolar ionization technology? Bipolar ionization is essential in our lives since it focuses on purifying the air as opposed to the filtration offered by other technologies. The benefits that come with ionization commercial buildings and homes cannot be overlooked.

On the show today, we have Carlos Gendron with Atmos Air, who will be helping us understand ionization better by answering some of the most nagging questions.

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“Any engineer that is not considering bipolar ionization in every single design that they are doing hasn’t fully understood the value of this amazing tool that’s available to them and are not doing their clients a service.”

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Carlos Gendron leads Clean Air’s sales force, while contributing to Clean Air’s ongoing marketing strategy and development of customer relationships and growth through profitable market success.

Gendron is a senior sales and sales management executive with more than 35 years of experience in a variety of enterprise and consumer sectors. His background ranges from business services, technology consulting and business and sales development, to sales and marketing strategy implementation.

Among his accomplishments, Gendron was Vice President of Sales for LVI Services, the leading environmental services company in North America responsible for the management of a sales force across 22 locations in the country, and Vice President of Sales for Greenfield Helalthy Foods, a division of Campbell Soup's Pepperidge Farm Division, one of the world’s leading Fortune 500 food product companies for six years, responsible for the sales strategy, development and management of its national retailer, distributor and broker network. He was also Executive Vice President of Sales for Pelham Sloane, Inc., a computer solutions company, responsible for designing and implementing its sales strategy in the health care, hospitality and commercial and home automation sectors.

Gendron earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from The City College of New York School of Architecture.

Specialties: Carlos Gendron is very experienced in new product and services positioning and introduction, as well as building and managing sales infrastructures nationwide. He has had great success in pioneering new markets, even in adverse conditions. His specialties also include strategic planning and market positioning.






Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


Air Filtration Comparison

Fox 61 News Coverage

ASHRAE Position Document on Filtration and Air Cleaning

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