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Episode #19: The Value of Building Commissioning with Michael Flemming

Commissioning ensures that each step of the process is documented for the protection of the contractor, designers and owners in order to deliver a project that works from the beginning and can be operated by the building’s facilities staff. Obviously, commissioning is no small task and can have wide ranging effects on a project, so are you putting enough thought into selecting your Commissioning Agent (CxA)?

In Episode 19, we are honored to host Michael Flemming. Michael is going to talk about commissioning in detail and what it entails. He has vast experience and background in conducting commissioning and energy auditing. He helps clients to enhance their energy-saving while creating a hospitable interior environment.

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PE mechanical engineer with experience in conducting retro-commissioning (RCx), commissioning, energy auditing, design coordination, functional testing, and savings analysis for new and existing buildings. Experienced in leading project teams in RCx projects; particularly in the RCx investigation phase through standalone logger placement, trend retrieval, functional testing, system design evaluation, recommendation development and energy savings calculations for HVAC, lighting and related control systems. Prior experience with multiple versions of CAD software as well as programming and building modeling.

Managed and executed all portions of Commissioning projects for the San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hawaii offices with as many as 45-50 projects active simultaneously.

Created and performed pre-functional and functional performance testing on HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing systems for residential, commercial, medical and educational buildings. Experienced LEED Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning as well as California Title 24, CHPS and other Commissioning projects.






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