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Episode #18: Leveraging Solar Co-ops for Community Solar

Solar co-ops organize 50 to 100 neighbors in a group to go solar together. People love the community approach. Qualified experts support you through each stage of the solar process and members leverage bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing and a quality installation, while still signing individual contracts that ensure the right system for their home. Sounds like a win-win? That's because it is.

In this bonus episode Hanna Mitchell, Texas Program Director for the nonprofit Solar United Neighbors, discusses how homeowners can investment to build the value of their home with clean energy.

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Hanna Mitchell works to bring more solar energy options to Texas communities. As an organizer and campaigner with a passion for environmental justice, she started organizing after attending a summer training program with the Sierra Student Coalition over a decade ago. She has experience working on local, state, and national campaigns. For three and a half years, she worked with Greenpeace in North Carolina to improve access to cleaner and cheaper energy options and support the intersecting movement for environmental and social justice. During this time, she led grassroots outreach for Solarize Charlotte, ran a 100% renewable energy initiative for public schools, and met her husband with whom she moved to Austin, Texas in the summer of 2017. Originally from Maine, Hanna earned her B.A. in Environmental & Urban Studies from Bard College in New York, focusing on Environmental Policy. When she’s not organizing, Hanna can be found salsa dancing, cooking up food to share with friends, or running on an Austin greenbelt.





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