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Episode #14: Revisiting the Integrative Design Process

3P Theory PodcasIn this episode of 3P Theory I am speaking with a wonderful guest and valuable resource, Bill Reed. Today Bill and I are chatting about some of the ideology around integrative design. We will talk about the process and how it should be integrated for high performance buildings.

During this episode, we’ll dive further into schematic design and integrative process. Getting people sequencing all their work in parallel and feeding it to each other is incredibly effective in avoiding missteps. The biggest advantage of working this way is people are really in alignment. When it comes down to it communication is key. It’s just changing mindset. We talk about the importance of not asking for permission. This is the way Bill does business. They provide an integrative process. When you are committed to your mission and values you might have to be willing to turn down a client to stay true to those.

LEED is important but it might not be everything. What is important is being able to tell the evolving story of your building and continually publish how you are improving. You should have a continual process of innovation. In the end being successful is what matters. Check out this episode of 3P Theory for great insights from Bill Beed. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss. 

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An internationally recognized proponent and practitioner in sustainability and regeneration Bill is a principal in two firms, the Integrative Design Collaborative, Regenesis, Inc., and a member of the Alliance for Regeneration – green building consulting, living system design, and education organizations working to lift building and community planning into full integration and co-evolution with living systems. His work centers on creating the framework for and managing an integrative, whole-systems design process. The objective: to improve the overall quality of the physical, social and spiritual life of our living places and therefore the planet.

Relevant background:

  • Partner in Regenesis – leaders in developing the theory and practice of Regenerative Design and Community Development (“Healing Ecosystems and the Human Spirit”)

  • Co-author with the Seven Group: The Integrative Design Guide to Green Building: redefining the practice of sustainability

  • Founding Board Member of the US Green Building Council

  • Co-chair of the LEED Technical Committee from its inception in 1994 through 2003

  • Served on the national executive committee of the AIA Committee On The Environment

  • Founding Chair of the ANSI Committee on Whole System Integration

  • Served as a NESEA Board member

  • Former and original LEED Faculty

  • Advisory Board - Environmental Building News

  • Board Member - A.W.E, Inc. San Francisco

Bill is a planning consultant, design process facilitator, lecturer, and author. He has participated in 300 plus presentations and workshops relating to Sustainable, Regenerative and Whole System Design. He has consulted on over two hundred green design commissions - achieving many certifications – the majority Gold and Platinum and Living Building Challenge projects. He is a guest lecturer at Universities from Harvard and MIT to the University of British Columbia.

His clients range from New York City Department of Design and Construction, Loreto Bay, Baja, Mexico, Sidwell Friends School, the Willow School, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, cities in South Africa and Mexico, and various city planning agencies on the East and West coast, and many private development companies in the US, Canada, and Mexico.



Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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