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Episode #13: Water Conservation in Commercial Buildings

Most businesses rely on abundant water to operate. Access to uninterrupted water is expected to be as reliable as electricity. While energy conservation programs have become established and have documented cost savings to support them, water costs have remained low and water conservation has not been a major initiative for many companies. Energy conservation is easier to manage at points of use, while water has been more difficult to collect data to provide insights to reduce water consumption. The better we measure water use, the better we are able to manage it and derive the most value from this finite resource.

In this episode, Pete Baldwin of Hydro Tech discusses the various opportunities and strategies facility managers and owners can deploy conserve water through advanced cooling tower management and why water is becoming more important for buildings.

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Peter Baldwin, LEED GA, is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of HydroTech Solutions. The company was founded to introduce water metrics and data analytics to commercial, municipal and industrial facilities with electronic water conditioning.  HydroTech offers a water conservation subscription service for cooling towers that has a zero net cost.

Pete has two patents, founded and sold several companies in environmental, finance and technology sectors. He has led global account teams for AECOM and CH2M specializing in water, energy conservation and environmental management. He currently advises and facilitates strategies for implementing cost-effective water solutions to reduce limescale and biofilm in water systems. Regarded by many as a commercial water and energy conservation specialist, Pete has authored numerous articles, blogs and is a frequent guest speaker at conferences drawing from his expertise on water and sustainability obtained from 30+ years of field and corporate experience.

Pete has a LEED Green Associate designation and involved with several industry trade associations including: U.S. Green Building Council, Dallas 2030 High-Performance District, Industry Council on the Environment (past Board Member), and the Water Environment Federation. Pete graduated from Texas State with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management and has worked in the environmental science and engineering field throughout his professional career.

He is involved with youth mentorship, helping improve leadership skills and science knowledge. Pete and his family reside in Fort Worth



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