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Episode #6: 2030 Districts - Dallas Commercial Real Estate (Part I)

With over 463 Million Square Feet of commercial building space and over 1,000 member organizations, 2030 Districts are rapidly emerging as a new model for urban sustainability. 2030 Districts are organizations led by the private sector, with local building industry leaders uniting around a shared vision for sustainability and economic growth – while aligning with local community groups and government to achieve significant energy, water, and emissions reductions.

In this episode Salima shares the who, what, and why of the 2030 Districts and why Dallas property owner/manager/developers should join a local 2030 District to help them make significant changes to their properties to create reductions necessary to transition to a low carbon economy.

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Guest Bio

Salima Moolji is the Executive Director of the Dallas 2030 District, a market transformation non-profit initiative focused on creating a high-performance building District through real estate and sustainability. In her role, she works closely with local and national stakeholders to achieve the energy, water and transportation reduction goals of the District. As a longtime member of the real estate community, Ms. Moolji has over 15 years of experience establishing long lasting relationships within the industry. In addition, Ms. Moolji is currently a real estate broker and instructor, designated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Previously, Ms. Moolji was co-founder of a real estate company where she brokered many multi-million dollar real estate transactions. Ms. Moolji also ventured into residential construction and design, mainly in the Park-Cities area. Ms. Moolji earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Economics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.


“We have a healthy, vibrant, and bustling economy. This is where the Dallas 2030 District plays a crucial role and has the opportunity to incorporate sustainability into our economic edge. We continue to work towards that goal by using the District as a launching pad for innovative ways to lead by example.”

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