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Episode #1: Emerging Energy Code Insights

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

As governments of all scales consider options for meeting deep greenhouse gas reduction goals, attention has turned to how to achieve higher performance design from new construction in the building sector, which is responsible for more than 40% of emissions in most urban areas. In Texas specifically, the 2015 IECC has been a game changer and a huge learning curve for designers and builders alike.

In this episode Jason shares his experiences and helps us understand the opportunities for various building officials, builders and contractors to improve their understanding of the codes, the building science behind the codes and, ultimately, the efficiency of the facilities they build and inspect.

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Guest Bio

Jason Vandever is the Energy Code Program Manager at South-central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource (SPEER) and works to expand compliance, education and outreach to local areas in our region, and to provide support to code jurisdictions seeking to adopt new codes in Texas and Oklahoma. Jason has been a SPEER Energy Code Ambassador for two years.

Jason has over 15 years combined experience in building construction and inspection. Prior to joining SPEER, Jason was the Chief Building Official for the City of Granbury for four years and served on the NCTCOG Energy and Green Advisory Board. He maintains

nine (9) ICC certifications, is a Certified Building Official and a Texas Municipal League Leadership Fellow.





Show Notes

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