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Podcast Consulting

Podcast Launch Session/Workshop

Curious about podcasting, but don't know where to start? Well jump on in! This hands-on workshop will take you from "novice" to "knowledgable" as we walk through the steps needed to record a great show, and do some live recording as well!


The workshop begins with a quick intro into the growing world of podcasting, followed by your chance to grace the mic and learn about recording! Then, we'll learn about editing with the audio you just recorded, and finally close the session talking about promoting your first show.

By the time the workshop is complete, each guest will have the knowledge, resources and confidence necessary to launch their own podcast.


Beginners are welcome.. no experience needed!


What I’ll provide

  • Coffee, Tea and Water 

  • Creative supplies 

  • Microphones, Stands, Recording Interface



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General Podcast Help

Podcast Design 

This includes one meeting to design and develop the podcast idea. That means figuring out the podcast aims and goals, ideal listener, market targeting and more, all of which lead into the name, description, artwork and branding. This meeting will also cover technical requirements, such as recording space, locations and hosts. These elements lead on to designing a podcast format and recording processes.

Equipment Support

Next, this package includes an equipment purchase list, based on the findings of that initial meeting. We will tell you exactly what you need to buy, and show you how to set it up.

Planning and Recording Support

Training on how to plan out an episode, and how to record it, in whatever context you choose.

Editing and Production

We recommend launching with at least 3 episodes, and with a minimum of 1 in reserve to give yourself a buffer to stay regular, post-launch. To that end, we will edit and produce your first 4 episodes within this package. That includes 4 ‘standard production’ episodes, which includes 5 internal episode edits as directed by you, full audio processing & enhancement, and the addition of any audio branding.



We will advise you on how to publish your podcast, whether it will be public on your own existing website or whether you’d like to create a separate home for your show. That includes podcast hosting and any software required to link that to your own site. We’ll also advise on editing software if you’d like to take on that work yourself.



We will provide you with the finished MP3 files, so that you can publish them on your own website, or wherever you choose to host.



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